What Are Home Prices Going To Do In 2013 & 2014?

Edward Jones, the financial company, writes a daily commentary column, updated a couple times each trading day.  It can be found here.

One of the reasons I read it most days is that in a world of CYA writing from corporate institutions, if Edward Jones is reporting it there, the information is probably more objective and of merit than many other sources of information.  It is almost always a concise read, focusing on important figures.

Today they wrote “home prices increased by more than expected in December, and new home sales in January jumped to their highest level since July 2008.  Also fueling the gains were reports that consumer confidence increased by more than anticipated in February.  In corporate news, Home Depot reported third-quarter results ahead of expectations.”

If inflation continues or increases, if home building commodities increase in cost, and if labor costs increase, it will be difficult for home prices to not increase in the next 18 months.

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Disclaimer:  These posts are not written by a professional or licensed financial advisor.  There’s nothing for sale here. This is just a discussion forum.  No one should make any decisions based on representations made on this informal blog.  These posts are just one layperson’s opinions, concerns, and observations about asset classes – a part of larger, never-ending discussions. Any significant financial decisions should be discussed with at least a few trusted and experienced financial advisors before acting.

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